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آخر الأخبار

The Egyptian Food Bank launches its 18th Al Adha Sacrifice Program at it’s own Wafra Farm in Beheira


The Egyptian Food Bank announces the launch of the Al Adha Sacrifice Program at EFB’s prestigious Wafra Farm in Beheira governorate. Established in 2016, Wafra Farm adheres to the most advanced international standards, ensuring the highest quality standards. The program allows donors to participate by delegatingthe Egyptian Food Bank to perform the ritual sacrifice on their behalf, with the meat being distributed throughout the year to beneficiaries across all Egyptian governorates, in accordance with Sharia Fatwa No. 1732 of 2006.

During a press conference held at the farm on Tuesday 23rd of May, attended by Mr.Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank, and Dr. Reda Sukkar, CEO of Wafra Farm, the campaign has been activated. Following the conference, attendees were given an exclusive tour of the farm, providing insights into the advanced technologies and internationally recognized calf-rearing methods employed.

As part of the 2023, “Alodheya” – sacrifice campaign, the Egyptian Food Bank has announced the prices for this year’s offerings. The “Baladi” -local sacrifice is priced at EGP 7,750, with the donor entitled to 9 kilograms of meat, which can be collected from the EFB headquarters or designated stores in Cairo and Alexandria. The imported sacrifice is priced at EGP 4,950, with the donor receiving 5 kilograms of meat. Additionally, “Sadaka” meat is available at EGP 600 for the equivalent of to3 kilograms. The average weight of both “Baladi” and imported calves is approximately 400 kilograms. The donor’s share constitutes 1/7 of the total sacrifice and is distributed to the most vulnerable families in underprivileged villages across Egypt, through EFB’s collaborating associations, leveraging the extensive database maintained by the Egyptian Food Bank.

“The “Alodheya” – sacrifice program, initiated in 2006, ensures that we, at the Egyptian Food Bank, offer the highest quality meat at reasonable and affordable prices, keeping in mind the dynamic market conditions. As the first entity in Egypt to launch the sacrifice program, it holds a pivotal position within our organization, as we undertake the responsibility of slaughtering and distributing the meat on behalf of the donors. We prioritize delivering sacrifices to the most vulnerable families, including the elderly, single mothers, peoplewith disabilities, and children. Regular updates are made to the database to refine the distribution plan and accommodate new beneficiaries, aligning with our strategy to reach those in need across Egypt, especially in the most deprived villages through our partnering associations,” stated Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank.

Dr. Reda Sukkar, CEO of Wafra Farm, added, “Since its establishment seven years ago, Wafra Farm has adhered to the highest international standards, allowing us to provide the finest quality sacrificial meat. Our state-of-the-art practices in animal care, treatment, monitoring, and nutrition enables us to select sacrifices that meet precise specifications, ensuring public safety and the attainment of premium quality in accordance with legitimate requirements.”

The Egyptian Food Bank’s “Aldoheya” – sacrifice program will remain open for 40 days until the commencement of slaughter operations, beginning 20 minutes after the sunrise of the first day of the Al Adha Feast until the afternoon of the fourth day. All preparations and distributions will strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Food Safety Authority, ensuring compliance with food safety standards.

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