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المستشار “رامي عبد الهادي” يكشف العلاقة القانونية بين العميل وشركات الإستثمار العقاري SAK للتطوير العقاري تسليم 50% من وحدات « سوينيو Sueño » و 85% معدلات الانشاء واستكمال أعمال " اللاند... مؤسسو شركة المصريين بالخارج يحشدون الجاليات المصرية لانتخاب الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي «مصر إيطاليا العقارية» تطلق أحدث مشاريعها «راديكل 1»™في العاصمة الإدارية باستثمارات تصل إلى 6 مليار ... ريلمي تستعد لتقديم أفضل منتجات مبتكرة للشباب بعد تخطيها 200 مليون شحنة عالمياً هواوي تُقيِم مؤتمر مطوّري هواوي HDC•Together بالشراكة مع دائرة الاقتصاد والسياحة في دبي (DET) إي اف چي للتنمية الاجتماعية توقع اتفاقية ثلاثية مع مؤسسة aiBANK للتنمية المجتمعية ومؤسسة مجدي يعقوب ... انطلاق الدورة الثامنة من قمة "إيجيبت أوتوموتيف" السنوية للسيارات اليوم أڤيڤا تسلط الضوء على الدور الحيوي للرقمنة في تسريع تخفيض انبعاثات الكربون في القطاع الصناعي شركة «ابن سينا فارما» تشارك في قافلة التحالف الوطني التنموي لدعم الاشقاء في غزة

EFG Hermes Concludes Advisory on Hermes Securities Brokerage Company’s (HSB) Fourth, EGP 250 million Senior Unsecured Short-Term Note Issuance


EFG Hermes, the leading investment bank franchise in Frontier and Emerging Markets (FEM), announced today that its investment banking division has successfully closed the issuance of a senior unsecured short-term note for the Hermes Securities Brokerage Company (HSB) — a wholly owned subsidiary of EFG Hermes Holding — in a transaction worth EGP 250 million. This marks the fourth issuance for HSB and the first in a newly approved two-year program worth EGP 2 billion.

The Middle East Ratings and Investor Services (MERIS) affirmed the national scale long-term senior unsecured entity rating at “BBB+” with a Stable Outlook and the short-term senior unsecured issuer rating of “P2” to HSB. The 12-month bullet note will carry a fixed rate coupon paid at the end of the bond, with proceeds aimed at diversifying HSB’s funding sources.

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Commenting on the issuance, Mostafa Gad, Co-Head of Investment Banking at EFG Hermes said: “We are incredibly proud of the success our very own HSB’s previous issuances have garnered and are happy to be supporting the MENA region’s leading brokerage house as it closes its fourth issuance in the market and the first in its newly approved program. Our expansive presence in Egypt’s DCM space perfectly positions us to continue bringing in-demand, quality asset classes to the market, enabling our clients to capitalize on alternative, value-accretive funding solutions when looking to scale their operations, while unlocking access for local and global investors to the region’s most lucrative investment prospects.”

HSB’s fourth issuance is part of a series of several back-to-back transactions the Firm has successfully concluded in the debt capital market space. The investment banking division recently concluded advisory on valU’s fourth securitization issuance worth EGP 856.5 million, Premium International for Credit Services’ eighth, EGP 193.65 million securitized bond issuance, and Bedaya Mortgage Finance’s second, EGP 958 million securitization issuance. The division also advised on the EGP 638 million securitization issuance for Palm Hills Development (PHD), the second, 805.5 million issuance for Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development (MNHD), and Al Taamir Mortgage Finance – Al Oula’s first securitization issuance worth EGP 998.5 million.

EFG Hermes acted as the sole financial advisor, sole transaction manager and book-runner, underwriter, and arranger on the issuance.