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هيدر 02

Royal Developments signs a cooperation protocol with YBA Architects

  • Royal Developments signed a cooperation protocol with Dr. Yasser El-Beltagy, President of YBA Architects in preparation for launching the company’s latest and strongest projects, which will be a milestone in the company’s projects with urban thinking and a different design to be aligned with the company’s advanced vision in the field of construction and building.

    Eng. Sherif Shaalan, founder and chairman of Royal Developments, confirmed during a press conference held to present the company’s plans, that the company’s new project comes within the framework of an expansion plan for the next five years that includes the implementation of several various and different projects that achieve the company’s goals and enhance its strength in the market, with many projects of distinguished architectural and investment value.

    He pointed out that they have been working in the field of real estate development in the Egyptian market for nearly 16 years, and the company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate investment in the eastern Cairo region and also has great experience in the field of construction and building through the development of abundant and very distinctive projects architecturally and structurally, which made the company put its innovative fingerprints in designs, implementation, and delivery ahead of schedules, and in return made it the best choice for its clients, as the company implemented more than 100 residential projects in multiple, distinctive and most popular areas in the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo.

    Shaalan said that Royal Developments has many projects in the new Lotus and Nages areas, Beit Al Watan, and other very special areas in eastern Cairo, but with the great urban renaissance that Egypt is witnessing and its expansion plans in establishing new cities, their investments extended to the Administrative Capital, and the company implemented its first project in the capital called “Capital Prime Mall”. The New Administrative Capital is located in one of the best investment sites, and its location was chosen very carefully in the MU23 area near the second residential neighborhood. It was put forward as the sale of its units was almost completely sold out, and the work rates on the ground exceed the time rates set by the company, which reflects the confidence of their customers and confirms the company’s strength and commitment in the Egyptian market.

    The company’s Chairman indicated that the company believes in the diversity of the different investment areas in Egypt and that there are many cities within the urban expansion plans put forward by the state that will have a great investment future. Therefore, the company is preparing to maximize its investments and expand in a number of these new cities with integrated real estate projects during the coming period. To diversify the company’s investment portfolio according to the country’s development plans, which will be announced soon with all the details, and will be a surprise to the market as a whole, making it the beginning of a new start for Royal Developments and serve its new strategy, achieving the company’s goals to be one of the major real estate development companies within 5 years from now.

    Dr. Karim Shaalan, founder and CEO of Royal Developments, added that the company relies on its philosophy in the field of real estate development that extends to all its past, current and future projects based on managing and exploiting spaces and providing all capabilities to create a harmonious real estate community, and exploiting technology to achieve the highest standards of luxury and comfort for customers all the time, designing real estate buildings that are aligned with the nature of fourth-generation buildings, which are characterized by sustainability in all services and constructional parts of the building from integrated networks connected to each other, operated and managed with modern technology, which saves a lot in energy consumption, and focuses on design that cares about people and knowledge of their basic needs, providing them with the most competitive project sites and unique and distinctive architectural design, and all quality standards to achieve the highest return on investment for all our customers in order to achieve benefit for all parties within the project, indicating that they specialize in architecture, and building projects with unique architectural quality is an integral part of their work with taking into account the application of international standards in construction in line with the state’s directions in building fourth-generation cities that take into account sustainability standards, which have become imperative to preserve resources and maximize the investment value of the real estate, and this is what the company does with all its projects.

    The company’s CEO explained that in order to implement this philosophical thought in construction, they are keen as a company to choose their partners in success from consulting, architectural, technical, and project management offices. For all the company’s future projects, headed by Dr. Yasser El-Beltagy as an architectural and engineering consultant for the company’s next project, pointing out that all partners will be announced with the launch of the company’s latest projects during the current month.

    Dr. Yasser El-Beltagy, Chairman and founder of “YBA” Architects, said that he is happy to sign this agreement with Royal Developments, which has a pioneering and very distinguished thought in implementing projects with a new vision in promising areas, implying that his company will undertake the management and design of private architectural and engineering works. The company’s new project is to be announced soon.

    Pointing out that “YBA” architects manage and design engineering works and drawings for a huge and diverse package of residential, commercial, administrative, and service projects distributed in different regions, and the estimated value of construction investments in projects that are being worked on annually is approximately EGP 25 billion.

    For his part, Saher Magdy, head of the company’s commercial sector, indicated that despite all the recent economic challenges, whether globally or locally, the sector’s opportunities in the Egyptian market now have become very large, especially with the strong urban renaissance in Egypt, which enhances the opportunities for companies to expand in building projects. New with a different idea, and this is what Royal Developments is adopting from deliberate expansions during the coming period in several distinct areas, and to be a key player in the field of building and construction and an active element in the real estate development system and to maintain its strength and the confidence of its customers that it gained during its years of work in the market through commitment and fast rates achievement in all its current and future projects and providing a real addition to this sector makes the group a clear and distinctive imprint in all its projects.

    He pointed out that the company will focus during the coming period on the diversity of projects and real estate spaces sold, whether (residential, commercial, administrative, or medical) in a way that suits the purchasing power of customers, while working on developing multiple and diverse payment systems that meet all needs, in addition to the advantages of our projects and the diversity of their services and the provision of all amenities.

    As for the company’s marketing vision during the coming period, Amr Al-Azab – Head of the Marketing Sector, confirmed that with the development of the company’s experience in the market and the continuation of its goals and mission in the field of real estate development and the adoption of sustainable urban projects with modern designs, it was necessary to think about developing the brand and the marketing vision of the company to keep pace with the changes. And the expansion that the company intends to implement during the coming years, so a change was made in the brand while preserving the basic identity of the company’s vision and strategy more professionally and attractively, reflecting the company’s new direction.

    Pointing out that according to the vision of the founders and their insistence on success, growth, development of performance, and quality in terms of designs, performance, and implementation of projects, the marketing vision had to be consistent with this great development, through which the company was able to apply a unique experience in the concept of luxury and live a life full of happiness and sophistication.

    Al-Azab added that the company’s brand went through many changes until it reached its final form, which reflects the company’s structural strategy and expansion during the coming period in the size of projects and the increase in investments and financial flows, taking into account the merger between the past and the present to preserve the history and identity of the company. Therefore, it launched its new brand to translate the true concept. For the meanings of sophistication, distinction, and originality, while maintaining development and modernity at the same time.