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آخر الأخبار
انطلاق الدورة الثامنة من قمة "إيجيبت أوتوموتيف" السنوية للسيارات اليوم أڤيڤا تسلط الضوء على الدور الحيوي للرقمنة في تسريع تخفيض انبعاثات الكربون في القطاع الصناعي شركة «ابن سينا فارما» تشارك في قافلة التحالف الوطني التنموي لدعم الاشقاء في غزة باستثمارات 150 مليون جنيه.. اتفاقية لافتتاح فرع جديد لـ«سبينيس» بمول ايناواكس بالتجمع الخامس "موبيلاتي " تختتم مشاركتها في CairoICT 2023 بتكريم 50 فائز وسط حضور جماهيري منقطع النظير "نيو إيجيبت جولد" تستعرض أحدث تصميماتها بمعرض "نيبو" للذهب والمجوهرات في نسخته الثالثة «جولد إيرا» تخطط لافتتاح مصنعًا لإنتاج السبائك والمشغولات الذهبية باستثمارات مليار جنيه في 2024 Oppo تؤكد على التزامها بالاستدامة عن طريق الارتقاء بالمنتجات والاسهام في تحقيق أهداف الممارسات البيئ... تحالف Red Collaboration .. يكسب الرهان للمره الثامنه علي التواليتحالف Red Collaboration .. يكسب الره... محمد سالم: التعاون مع "تريد لاين" نواة لجذب مزيد من العلامات التجارية الراقية للتواجد ضمن المشروع

KHL launches “Life from the New Administrative Capital City” initiative to promote the development in the city


KHL company launched “Life from the New Administrative Capital City” initiative, aiming to promote the size of the achievements that have been implemented in the Administrative Capital, and the current situation of different projects in the capital.

Asma Eltorky, KHL Vice President&Sales Manager, said that the company decided to be part of the rapid development that the New Administrative Capital is witnessing, and to acquaint clients with the current position of projects implemented by the state and the private sector in the city, in addition to documenting the Administrative Capital City as a real project, through a series of filmed episodes that convey reality to clients.

She pointed that the client’s vision of the projects and their real position on implementation supports the companies marketing plans, as the client wants to assure the image transmitted to him orally, which confirms the importance of conveying the entire image to the client, reffering that the initiative includes spotting on the completed projects and investment opportunities in them.

She added that KHL owns a talented teamwork experienced in all sectors that the client needed on purchasing a unit, including engineering, legal and marketing expertise, which enables the company to provide an integrated
marketing consulting services, and learn about the client’s requirements in the unit and assisting him in obtaining a unit that suits his requirements and financial capabilities.

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She assured that the company has constantly updated marketing studies that aligns with the market developments, in order to be able to provide modern and integrated marketing advice to the client, besides offering a variety of real estate projects, as the company focuses on client’s service and helping him to choose the best.

She showed that in order to align with the urban development that Egypt is currently witnessing, in addition to the implementation of a generation of smart and sustainable new cities, new real estate products have appeared in various projects, it was necessary to help the client on choosing what suits his capabilities and purchasing capabilities, so that the company will be able to take part of this competition

She pointed that the New Administrative Capital is witnessing a huge volume of real estate projects with various investment activities, and the government’s move to it raises the occupancy rate, which leads to raise the investment value of any unit in the Administrative Capital.

She showed that the company provides the executive situation for units in projects in New Cairo, the North Coast, Ain Sokhna, New Alamein and Al Galala, and not the New Administrative Capital only, which allows an integrated package of projects for the client to choose what suits him, besides providing its advisory services through a professional and integrated team.