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Eng. Mohamed Bedeir: Achievement of 50% in total sales of “Paragon 2”. It is the most intelligent and sustainable building in the New Administrative Capital.


Eng.Mohamed Bedeir, Paragon Developments Chairman, revealed that the company achieved 50% of the sales of the company’s latest project in the Administrative Capital “Paragon 2” in the first quarter of 2022. After the success of the sustainable project “Paragon 1”. It has achieved a significant turnout among clients, since its launching in the Egyptian market. It is introduced as the first intelligent and sustainable building designed according to the highest environmental, technical and engineering standards that is located in the most prime location; in the heart of the financial district in the Administrative Capital. In conjunction with seeking to develop the art workplace buildings, but to develop better workspace communities.



Since the company was launched in the Egyptian market, it adopts a new and different philosophy in the construction of the highest sustainable and intelligent office buildings by gaining advantages from all means of modern technology to improve the performance and productivity with practical design and sustainable work spaces for the community. This will provide the highest standards of luxury and comfortable work environment for clients wherever they work, and create an efficient administrative building providing an atmosphere suitable for growth and integration in a way that encourages innovation.


Eng. M Bedeir stated that “Paragon 2” project is targeting LEED Gold, as the extension of the great success story behind the company’s first project “Paragon 1”, which targeted LEED Silver to become the first sustainable office building in Egypt in partnership with Schneider Electric, to provide the Internet of Things and intelligent building components.
Paragon Hub, is the first community space in an office building in Egypt, which is close to the most vital areas in the Administrative Capital, located on an area nearly 10 thousand meters, consists of seven floors and includes different workspaces and encourages productivity, during which the employment nature of ventilation and lighting, air quality monitoring, in addition to allowing natural daylight to pass through the building, the company deployed automatic thermal heat systems, as it creates smart, sustainable workspaces by utilizing building material and systems that require 60% less energy consumption than other buildings. Explaining that Paragon 1 and Paragon 2 projects were designed for the sake of creating an integrated administrative community through providing a number of qualified and diverse areas that help companies to hold conferences or workshops or seminars or training courses or places suitable for working in a healthy environment equipped with the best services and areas that meet all requirements, in accordance with the highest international standards of intelligent infrastructure managed and operated in cooperation with major international companies.

Eng. M Bedeir pointed that the Paragon is the outcome of 40 years experience in the development of administrative buildings and commercial projects, as well as hotels and resorts in Europe, the USA, Egypt and the GCC, during which the company has diversified its fields and investment portfolio, and achieved multiple successes via distinctive buildings in these countries, and this is what promoted the company to take advantage of all these experiences and successes in Egypt, through Paragon developments company and the establishment of the first intelligent buildings in the framework of the state’s development plan aiming to create global intelligent cities in Egypt. Thus, the Administrative Capital was chosen to be the starting point for launching the company’s projects in one of the most important national projects at all, as Egypt’s New Administrative Capital, will be one of the most intelligent cities in the world

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