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Hometown announces participating in “The Investor” with new payment systems to attract clients with the best offers to suit all their needs


Hometown Developments announces participating in “The Investor” exhibition which kicks off on 13 and 14 May, where the company plans during the exhibition to announce its new payment systems that align with the clients needs, as the company will start applying these regulations during the exhibition time.



This comes among the company’s plan to attract new clients and maintain their impressive existing ones, as “Home Town” offers strong performances, through different four payment systems, the first of which is “Doorstep Delivery” system through the payment of 30% as a deposit and take advantage of 10% discount on the total price of the unit, and pay the first installment after delivery within a year.



The company offers “Semi Cash” system by 25% advance payment and enjoy 25% discount on the total price of the unit and the rest of the installment price of the unit to be paid within 4 years.


The company also offers “Cache system” to deduct 40% of the total price of the unit, “Equal payment systems” to pay 20% deposit and take advantage of 10% discount to the total price of the unit in installments and the rest of the unit price on 8 years.


Dr Eman Salah, Hometown Vice Chairman, said that the company’s target during the current period is to increase its clients’ base and attract new ones by introducing the best offers to suit the company’s clients and to facilitate payment process, besides the company also modified the design of the facades of “Udora” project in order to reach the maximum admiration among company’s clients within impressive designs for its projects and attract new clients.



Salah expressed “Hometown” happiness as a result of its participation in “The Investor”, which aims through which to impress their clients by presenting new offers and designs that keep pace with the company’s global and local economic variables.



Home Town Developments was launched in 2017, owns four projects in the New Administrative Capital, with investments up to 10 billion pounds, ranging from commercial, administrative and medical, the first of them is “Zaha” project, which is the company’s first projects in MU23, which is regarded one of the best and most important sites in the new capital, it is located on an area of 7200 m2, in a very privileged position next to the sports city and facing the Iconic Tower, between Mohammed Bin Zayed and Suez roads.


The project consists of a ground and 10 floors, and the percentage of implementation exceeds 65% and the project will be delivered by the end of this year, and the company was able to achieve sales of 100% out of the stages that have been put forward from the project in the commercial and medical parts, besides starting marketing the rest of the stages by the second half of this year.


The second project is “Lafayette Mall,” which is a commercial entertainment project on an area of 43 thousand square meters, located in the best Down Town sites in front of Al Massa Hotel directly in block No. 1 next to the Central Station of the Monorail, which consists of ground and five floors besides 2 basement.


The project includes about 600 commercial store and 85 Restaurant & Cafe and has also Kids area, ski area and a dancing fountain, and DMA Engineering Consulting Company works on the project’s design, as excavation and replacement works were fully completed and began pouring concrete, and sold more than 70% of the project.



In addition to the “Village Mall” which is the company’s third project in the New Capital, which is a dedicated mall for restaurants and cafes area in Down Town and is an extension project for “Lafayette,” which is located on an estimated area 22 thousand meters, with the height of ground and 5 floors, besides the project includes 8 cinema halls in addition to the Roman theater, in addition to green spaces with an area of 25 thousand meters, and excavation works have been started to be able to deliver the project by the end of 2023.


“Udora Mall” is the company latest projects in the New Administrative Capital, which is located on 13,700 meters in the Capital’s most previleged positions in front of Massa Hotel directly, and it is a commercial mall and restaurants complex, consists of 6 commercial floors in addition to dedicated basement for parking, and start areas and units of the project from 30 meter.

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