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آخر الأخبار
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○ TikTok to donate USD 50,000 to secure Ramadan meals


TikTok has announced a partnership with Egyptian Food Bank during the Holy Month of Ramadan that aims to bring the public together through revisiting Ramadan values such as giving and kindness. The leading video creation platform has also announced the donation of USD 50,000 to EFB to ensure most vulnerable citizens are receiving healthy meals during Ramadan.


This year, the partnership between both entities marks the third year of successful collaborations during the holy month where they aim to collectively make a significant impact by highlighting major issues such as food waste, supporting citizens and bringing the community together.


The announcement of the partnership came during a media webinar featuring Farah Tukan, Head of Government Relations and Public Policy – Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan at TikTok, Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of Egyptian Food Bank and Life Coach & Author of the Best Selling “BE”, Nevin El Gendy alongside media representatives.
On this occasion Tukan commented, “This year, TikTok launched this integrated campaign to champion the key holy month values of kindness, tolerance, generosity, and togetherness. Our partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank for the third year in a row is a

testament to our commitment to create a positive environment and to encourage our community to practice giving and kindness.”



She continued, “The aim of this partnership is to support the most vulnerable groups, reduce food waste, and of course, bring the Egyptian community around such an impactful cause. TikTok is a platform that promotes creativity and brings joy to its users, and has always been encouraging togetherness and applauding exemplary behavior.”



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Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of Egyptian Food Bank, said, “We are proud to be collaborating with TikTok for the third year in a row to highlight our development programs that provide beneficiaries with sufficient nutritious food. He added, ‘The significance of the collaboration with Tiktok this year in particular stems from the fact that both of our campaigns align in the messaging through which we both stress on Ramadan Values. At the Egyptian Food Bank this year we send out a message of ‘Farah Gehrirak’ through actions of kindness, tolerance, giving and togetherness.




Sarhan expressed that Ramadan is not just an occasion but a spirit of goodness that we would love to spread and keep throughout the year.




Throughout the online event, Nevin El Gendy took an internal humanitarian perspective through which she highlighted the importance of reading, knowledge, awareness and the power of the pause and reflection, as the base for knowing one self and getting in touch with our human element hence feeling others.




The partnership ties in with TikTok’s campaign this year which aims to provide its users with a unique experience, each experience tackling a different Ramadan value. This is evident through #صناع_البهجة and #stitchKindness that aim to direct the spotlight on being kind. A series of uniteruppted live sessions also brought forward the sense of togetherness the public yearns for during the holy month. TikTok is also promoting a mindset of tolerance towards all by releasing inspirational content to combat bullying within the digital space.



The campaign also ties in with Egyptian Food Bank’s latest strategy which was released through their “Farhet Ramadan” campaign, which aims to provide beneficiaries, wherever they are located in Egypt, with healthy and nutritious meals based on their age and medical conditions.