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NCB للتطوير العقاري تتعاقد مع محرم وباخوم للإشراف علي مشروعاتها بالعاصمة الإدارية خبير يكشف التفاصيل الكاملة لتحصيل مقابل الخدمات والتداولات التي تقدمها البورصة نكستب كونستركشن توقع عقود تنفيذ المقر الإداري الرئيسي لبنك أبوظبي التجاري ساعة HUAWEI WATCH FIT SE بعمر بطارية يدوم 9 أيام ويتوافق مع أيام الدراسة الطويلة أول تطبيق في مجال الـ"Legal Tech” في مصر يتيح مصدر دخل إضافي للمحامين المعهد القومي للحوكمة والتنمية المستدامة ومؤسسة إي أف چي للتنمية الاجتماعية يبحثان أوجه التعاون الثن... ألفا ظبي القابضة تجسد التزامها بمعالجة ندرة المياه حول العالم عبر استحواذها على حصة الأغلبية في "مات... إي اف چي هيرميس تنجح في إتمام خدماتها الاستشارية لصفقة الطرح العام الأولي لشركة «لومي للتأجير»، بقيم... مجموعة Latitude تعلن عن تغييرات جديدة في الإدارة التنفيذية لها حول العالم المهندس أحمد العدوي: التركيز على الارتفاع بمعدلات التنفيذ في مشروعاتنا أولوية لـ«إنرشيا» خلال الفترة...

MG introduces the HS model to its growing roster of vehicles in the Egyptian market


MG HS was the latest model addition to MGs’ growing roster of vehicles in the Egyptian market. The capable SUV embraces the sportiness in this segment. Derived from MG’s hugely impressive concept X-Motion, the MG HS sets the adrenaline racing, with its intuitive arrangement tailored to provide a truly rewarding drive, leveraging an aggressive grille look, and sporty rims of the vehicle.

HS is the ultimate sport car and the first SUV car that has actual sporty features with affordable prices. Starting from the super sport button that enables the driver to feel the sportiness that this car will be giving in terms of performance. In addition, it lets the driver customize the interior lights of the car, through 64 ambient light colors, which puts the owner in a superior category of being unique and different from other car owners. The car also features 12.3 inch Virtual Cockpit, while the Alcantara seats influence the sensation of driving a sports car; it puts the driver in a feeling of being in a racetrack.

MG has always been renowned for its innovation combined with a very attainable price point. MG has been expanding its family of cars and venturing into new categories to meet the needs and demands of the market by introducing HS as the first SUV sports car in MG family. The HS encompasses MG’s experience in the automotive industry to be the ultimate depiction of comfort, luxury and safety. MG continues to lead the market especially following the skyrocketed achievements by the brand in 2021 in the Egyptian market, with a superior product portfolio.

With 1.5L High-Efficiency Turbo Engine, 169 @ 5600 horsepower and 7-speed transmission, HS is the ideal choice for an energetic user ready to hit the road. MG did not disappoint when it came to ultimate safety, as the sporty car has a 5 Star Euro NCAP safety standards. The HS comes with 6 airbags; 2 Side, 2 front and 2 Curtains, Cruise Control, Engine Start-Stop, Auto Hold, Hill-Start Assist Control, and an Electric Parking Brake, Rear parking sensors, Rear-View Camera, and Blind Spot Detector. In addition, the car has Lane Change Warning, Door Opening Warning, ESP and a TPMS along with an engine immobilizer to protect the car from theft attempts. Being an SUV car makes it the ideal choice for families on the go, with the rear ISOFIX child fitting keeps your child safe for a worry-free ride as well as the trunk space that fits all family needs.

The sporty luxurious car comes in four outstanding colors black, blue, red and white. MG also provides Liverpool maniacs with a special edition of HS including RED colored interiors that resembles their favorite football club main color.

It is worth mentioning that MG is the fastest growing automotive brand in the Middle East. The brand has reached skyrocketing achievements in 2021, ranking first in SUP in 2021 and clinching the second ranking in the Egyptian market. Moreover, MG scaled up spare parts sales in 2021 by 269% and launched 7 new centers, as well as a whopping increase of 50% in its maintenance and after-sales service centers in 2021, bringing the total to 21 centers nationwide. In 2021, the brand sold 23,600 cars, a 56% Y-o-Y increase, with another new model to be released soon.

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