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إيمباكتين" تطلق حملة "اتبرع بصورتك" للمساهمة في دعم المؤسسات الخيرية بمشاركة نجوم الوطن العربي حملة بي تك الرمضانية "شايلنلك كل خير" مع بنك الطعام تصل لـ 10,000 أسرة في صعيد مصر مراكز تتحالف مع بنك الطعام المصري لدعم الأسر الأكثر احتياجاً بـ3 مناطق في مصر طوال شهر رمضان «ذهب مصر»:6 عوامل يجب التأكد منها لراغبي الاستثمار في السبائك والجنيهات بنك الطعام المصري يستقبل عدد من المشاهير لمشاركة المستحقين تناول الإفطار داخل مائدة الرحمن «آي صاغة»: مخاوف «التعويم» المحتمل تدفع أسعار الذهب للصعود باسم الشربيني : التكنولوجيا العقارية "بروبتيك" تغير ملامح السوق العقاري المصري "كونتكت المالية القابضة" تكرم المتميزات احتفالا بالأم والمرأة المصرية.. وتشارك "مصر الخير" تجهيزات ح... « هيرميس» تعلن إتمام الإصدار الثامن بقيمة 193.65 مليون جنيه ضمن برنامج إصدار سندات توريق لصالح شركة ... دِل تكنولوجيز تعزز محفظتها من حلول الأمن السيبراني بإضافة خدمات وحلول جديدة

OLX Egypt updates its entire website & mobile app  


OLX Egypt announced that it has carried out a comprehensive modernization process that focuses on fundamentally changing the website, namely its appearance, and the inclusion of new digital and non-digital products that were also added to the app.

Sherif El Nahtawy, Country Manager at OLX Egypt, stated that the global and local market is witnessing a boom in e-commerce growth year over year (YOY). Consequently, it is necessary to constantly update the services provided by OLX to keep up with these technological developments, in addition to providing everything that is new and distinctive for customers, and bridging the gap between buyers and sellers.


Nahtawy said that the update addresses several avenues for improvement including:


● A noticeable development in client correspondence and the way to advertise products and services.

● Changing the old digital platform into a new one, paving the way for further developments in the future.

● Providing an improved merchandising display style that meets customer requirements.

● Using technology that enables individuals and corporate users to make easier and smarter decisions.

● Following the government’s lead on the technological advancements occurring all over the country.


He added that the platform has been completely overhauled by alternating the design of the brand and the mechanisms for dealing with it, ensuring a better user-friendly experience for customers and visitors of the platform.


Nahtawy also stressed that although there have already been increases in the number of monthly visits to the platform, the company has ambitious plans for further growth beyond the 6 million monthly visits, providing more services to customers and potential customers.


Accordingly, the company plans to stay ahead of the market’s ever improving technology mechanisms, in order to maintain its leading position as a distinguished classifieds platform in the Egyptian market by ensuring new digital products meet customer needs and aspirations.


The Egyptian market is witnessing a boom in the growth of e-commerce and available services, which are improving YOY and that provides many opportunities for the company to seize in the future, Nahtawy disclosed.


OLX is a platform that allows users to buy and sell goods and services online by communicating directly with those offering them. OLX also works under the umbrella of the Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG), a leader in various markets, which operates in 16 countries and is managed by more than 4,600 employees.


EMPG seeks to facilitate the exchange of goods and services for more than 180 million people through its management of many websites namely OLX, dubizzle, Bayut, Zameen, Mubawab, Bproperty, Lamudi, and Kedi.


OLX offers products and services under 12 major categories and subcategories from various fields, aimed at strengthening local economies, empowering businesses and helping users to find great deals and eliminate waste by selling both new and used items to the benefit of the individuals and the planet as a whole.

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