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Next May 2022 Egypt to Host the 5th Edition of Nextmove Exhibition



Cairo –5 April , 2022–Informa Markets, the leading trade, exhibition, and conference event organization entity worldwide, is announcing the launch of the 5th edition of Nextmove from the 26th to the 28th of May at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC) at Nasr City in Cairo, Egypt. The exhibition will feature a number of local real estate developers, who will be exhibiting a diverse range of real estate projects that are designed to fulfill the needs of both homebuyers and investors. It is a great chance for those who are looking to find their dream home or those who are seeking their next investment opportunity in Egypt.

Known as a destination for premium properties and connecting all developers under one roof, Nextmove is targeting the younger generation and aims at creating unique opportunities for those who are interested, with a large display of offers and promotions that facilitate searching for and buying the right properties and units. The exhibition will be featuring a number of newly-announced and newly-developed projects, where companies compete to provide the best option for guaranteed long-term investments. Visitors will benefit from exclusive real estate offers during the expo which include payment plans that suit all demographics.

Robier Danial, Nextmove Exhibition Manager, stated: “This year, we are excited to present our visitors with a number of various opportunities, where they could contribute to investing in Egypt. The local market has been blooming over the past few years witnessing a significant rate of development across the country”. He affirmed: “The Egyptian market has a lot to offer, and our clients have been working hard to provide the most suitable payment plans and offer a wide range of properties that cater to every taste. Also, the Egyptian government has played a large part in encouraging buyers to invest in their own country, where they have launched a number of motivating initiatives that have strongly supported the local real estate sector.”

Robier added: “Nextmove aims to also provide the chance for real estate companies to display their projects and to connect with serious buyers so that we create a network of both sellers and consumers. Our goal is to provide the right amount of exposure to those companies, in order to provide the end consumer with exactly what they are looking for.”

Nextmove 2022 exhibitors list includes but not limited to Capital Link Developments, Akam Developments, Deyar Misr Properties, Locations Developments, Taj Misr Developments, Castle Developments, Gates Developments, ARQA Development Group, Real Mark Real-estate, MBG Development, and many more.

You can register to visit the event using this link https://bit.ly/3JsB5je

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