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هيدر 02
آخر الأخبار
بمناسبه حلول عيد الأضحي .. امورادا تحتفل بسكان الكمبوند وتطرح المرحلة الثانية " امورادا " بارك فيو " خبير التقنية مهندس محمد خليل عبد يحذر من خطورة استخدام كلمة مرور ضعيفة الشركات الرائدة في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا تحدد معايير جديدة للابتكار في مجال المسؤولية المجتمعية كازانوفا للتطوير العقاري تستثمر 10 مليارات جنيه في 4 مشروعات عقارية جديدة اتصالات من اى اند مصر تطلق حملة "معاك لآخر الدنيا" لتقديم تجربة سفر استثنائية لعملاء Emerald e& Eg... ڤاليو تبرم اتفاقية شراكة مع مجموعة «ألاميدا للرعاية الصحية» لتوفير باقة من حلول الدفع المرنة للمرضى أورجانون تستعرض جهودها في تعزيز وتحسين صحة المرأة خلال فعاليات "من أجلها أبوظبي للاستثمارات السياحية : انتهاء تجديد وتطوير المرحلة الأولى لفندق موفنبيك شرم الشيخ بتكلفة 2ملي... نتائج أعمال مصر للمقاصة عن عام 2023 تعزز مسيرة نموها التصاعدي ضياء الدين فرج: ارتفاع أسعار الفائدة يلتهم أي انخفاض في أسعار الخامات

Asma Al-Turki: The rise in the price of the dollar revives sales of foreigners and Egyptians abroad


Asma Al-Turki, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of Sales at the company “khl” for real estate development, confirmed that the rise in the price of the dollar revives the sales of Egyptians working abroad and foreigners who wish to invest in Egypt to take advantage of the price difference between the pound and the dollar and achieve imaginary profits, especially since the real estate is a safe haven for saving and achieves strong investment

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Al-Turki said in press statements that the property gets sick and does not die and may be subject to a state of stagnation at times, but selling it at the right time achieves gains that exceed the returns on investment in bank certificates, especially since the value of money is constantly declining as a result of high inflation rates

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Al-Turki indicated that the high demand for buying real estate during the Corona crisis proves the strength of the real estate market in times of crises in saving saving

Al-Turki demanded that customers diversify their investments during the coming period in different savings vessels such as buying real estate, certificates and gold, noting that with the increasing demand for the investment certificate with an interest rate of 18%, the investor can buy an investment certificate and a real estate unit at the same time by paying the down payment of the real estate unit and paying the installments from the monthly interest of the certificate Thus, profits from both sides are achieved in saving saving

Al-Turki pointed to the negative repercussions of the high dollar price on the real estate market and the movement of buying and selling, represented in the wrong pricing of the meter price by developers and burning prices to get out of the liquidity crisis and attract buyers, which negatively affects the construction operations, so companies cannot adhere to the schedule in implementation as well as the failure to produce a real estate product A high degree of quality according to its contract with customer

Al-Turki stressed that the natural increase in prices as a result of the rise in raw materials prices and construction costs will range between 10% and 15% during the coming period, explaining that serious developers will not be affected by this increase due to their conducting economic feasibility studies on correct foundations that take into account the changes that occur in the market and their marketing plans are achieved. This percentage is throughout the project implementation period and during the launch of the new stages for sale, while small companies that do not have the technical, financial capabilities and expertise will stumble during the coming periodغsss.mperiod