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– Narrative Summit celebrated the impactful role of the Egyptian woman-in line with the International Women’s Month, in its latest special Reshaping Norms episode dedicated to showcase challenges facing women at work and their achievements. The episode featured prominent female leaders in different fields, namely Mrs. Yasmine Rashed the Head of Marketing and Communication at e-finance, and Mrs. Mai Saleh the Service Management Director at e-cards.

Speaking in the episode, Mrs. Yasmine Rashed said: “Egypt has made great strides in women’s empowerment, we no longer focus on women’s basic living rights only, but we are now also concentrated on enabling women as political and economic leaders, enhancing women’s self-confidence, and supporting them to change the old cultural notions and philosophies. e-finance adopts powerful social responsibility strategies, which aim to improve the quality of life at rural communities and empowering women’s financial and social growth. This comes on the side of the national initiative ”Hayah Karima” endorsed by H.E President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.”

Rashed added: “Balancing personal and work lives is a tough equation, and the working woman seeks to be a top performer in all roles, which can be so stressful and makes it even harder on her to avoid and tolerate any shortcomings. The equation can possibly be achieved when women care to allocate time for their own needs, interests, and self-care. When you set success as your goal, you can easily turn it into a reality.”

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For her part, Mrs. Mai Saleh said: “Women shall believe in their capabilities and trust that they can succeed in any field. I started my career journey in e-finance over 15 years ago then got promoted to different positions, and I’m currently leading a capable and integrated team.”

Saleh added: ” Women should find hobbies that can help them maintain a healthy work-life balance. I started running late in my life and won many medals and marathons, and I also learned parachuting and now I’m an assistant coach. We can always learn something new, but time management and setting priorities are keys to professionally achieve your goals.”


“e-finance participated in many women’s empowerment projects such as Takaful and Karama cash transfer programs, which provide conditional household income support. I must note that women learned how to use Meeza cards and conduct online transactions quickly and impressively. We are currently collaborating with the National Council for Women (NCW) in Tahweesha initiative under the supervision of Dr. Maya Morsi, through which we target to provide financial support to more than 500,000 women in villages and help them use e-cards and mobile application in their savings and lending activities; as well as working with Nasser Social Bank, and the Ministry of Social Solidarity on Mastoora lending program to support women microenterprises.” She concluded.