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Doctors and Experts Call on Governments to Regulate their Trade to Protect Smokers from Traditional Cigarettes Risks

While alternative smoking products including e-cigarettes, heated tobacco, and nicotine pouches have achieved positive results in tobacco harm reduction and combating traditional smoking in many countries around the world, such as Japan, Sweden, and the United States, some countries still ban their trade, despite numerous scientific studies that confirmed these products of low risk.
Dr. Michael Kariuki, Harm Reduction Strategist emphasized that alternative tobacco products are essential for tobacco harm reduction goals, especially given the numerous scientific studies and research proving they are low risk. He stressed that banning these products increases the risks of traditional smoking and deprives smokers of access to less harmful alternatives.
Dr. Kariuki further explained that the strategy of banning these products for extended periods has proven to be ineffective, compared to the strategy of regulating their trade, which has proven successful in many countries around the world and has helped many smokers quit smoking completely. He emphasized that this is the best option for adult smokers who wish to continue smoking.
He continued, “When you put smokers on regulated electronic cigarettes and combined with psychotherapy, there is a very high chance that this person will quit smoking.”
Reiterating Dr Kariuki’s sentiments, Dr Nick Mutisya, Harm Reduction Strategist said that electronic cigarettes have therapeutic nicotine, which is medicinal and has been proven to help smokers hook off from their addiction. He stressed that nicotine, although it is an addictive substance, is not the main cause of health risks that result from traditional smoking.

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Mutisya pointed out that many scientific studies have proven that the main cause behind traditional smoking health risks is cigarette smoke, which results from tobacco burning.
Mutisya also warned against the risks of trading unregulated alternative tobacco products, especially nicotine pouches, saying: “Electronic cigarettes are traded in many countries without control or regulation, and may contain high levels of nicotine, which can cause cardiac arrests”. He called on governments to regulate the trade in these products, control them, and focus on including therapeutic nicotine as a form of a tobacco harm reduction strategy.
He concluded by saying: “It is necessary to regulate the trade in alternative tobacco products, considering them low-risk alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Providing electronic cigarettes and therapeutic nicotine pouches in an organized framework contributes significantly to eliminating traditional smoking, which poses significant risks to public health.”