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Huawei Cloud organizes its first “Egypt Internet Innovation Forum” to support Egypt’s digital transformation

Cairo, Egypt, January 14, 2024: Huawei organized its first “Egypt Internet Innovation Forum” under the theme of “Accelerating Growth with Huawei Cloud.” The Forum reaffirms Huawei’s unwavering dedication to supporting Egypt’s digital transformation journey using the tech giant’s data centers, services, and comprehensive ecosystem to accelerate enterprise growth through cloud services.

The Forum brought together key stakeholders in Egypt’s digital ecosystem, including local enterprises, partners, and government-affiliated companies, to showcase Huawei Cloud services in fintech, e-commerce, and media and entertainment.

In his opening remarks, Jo XU, Director of Egypt Huawei Cloud Business, said: “We are committed to driving new growth for Egyptian companies and partners, as we aim to lead a new generation of cloud services. We are also working closely with our partners to build industry-specific solutions.” He added: “We have huge R&D investments to provide cutting-edge technologies and have launched more than 240 services and 50,000 APIs worldwide, leading 11 cloud service quadrants.”

Huawei developed Huawei Cloud solutions in e-commerce to unlock new growth opportunities by offering companies secure and highly scalable Huawei Cloud e-commerce solutions. In Fintech, Huawei Cloud helps local companies offer quicker and more secure financial services, benefiting individuals and businesses in the digital economy. It gives companies that use Huawei Cloud computing, storage, and network resources from one global network, plus more advanced services featuring big data-AI convergence.

Moreover, Huawei Cloud’s solutions have revolutionized productivity in media and entertainment by boosting efficiency in digital content production and collaborating with the sector’s customers and partners. Huawei’s cloud tools will help users discover innovative business models that increase productivity in media and entertainment during this 3D Internet era. These groundbreaking initiatives position Huawei Cloud as a leader, driving innovation and transformation in those vital sectors.

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Huawei Cloud has years of experience serving customers from the global financial sector. With data centers in most parts of the world, Huawei Cloud offers full-stack cloud services and high-quality cooperation platforms.

Jim Liu, CEO of Huawei Egypt: “We are thrilled that Huawei Cloud marks another milestone in our journey to innovate in infrastructure, application agility, and business intelligence. The Egypt Internet Innovation Forum showcases Huawei Cloud services and reinforces our unwavering commitment to enhancing efficiency, security, and innovation across sectors. This Forum is a testament to our dedication to empower industries, enabling them to thrive through our comprehensive cloud solutions.”

Wesley Sui, Director of Consulting Solution Sales Dept, Huawei Cloud Northern Africa: “We developed Huawei Cloud’s tools in e-commerce to unlock new growth opportunities with secure and highly scalable solutions.”

Huawei Cloud is pivotal in shaping the future of cloud computing. In 2024, Huawei aims to increase the reach and impact of its Cloud services, expanding its footprint and empowering enterprises across various sectors to harness the full potential of the cloud.

Aligning with Egypt’s 2030 vision, Huawei Cloud is poised to be integral to Egypt’s digital transformation journey. It contributes significantly to Egypt’s technological progress, economic prosperity, and overall development in years to come. Huawei Cloud delivers dependable, flexible, and sustainable cloud solutions, catering to the ever-growing needs of enterprises across all industries.