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آخر الأخبار
انطلاق الدورة الثامنة من قمة "إيجيبت أوتوموتيف" السنوية للسيارات اليوم أڤيڤا تسلط الضوء على الدور الحيوي للرقمنة في تسريع تخفيض انبعاثات الكربون في القطاع الصناعي شركة «ابن سينا فارما» تشارك في قافلة التحالف الوطني التنموي لدعم الاشقاء في غزة باستثمارات 150 مليون جنيه.. اتفاقية لافتتاح فرع جديد لـ«سبينيس» بمول ايناواكس بالتجمع الخامس "موبيلاتي " تختتم مشاركتها في CairoICT 2023 بتكريم 50 فائز وسط حضور جماهيري منقطع النظير "نيو إيجيبت جولد" تستعرض أحدث تصميماتها بمعرض "نيبو" للذهب والمجوهرات في نسخته الثالثة «جولد إيرا» تخطط لافتتاح مصنعًا لإنتاج السبائك والمشغولات الذهبية باستثمارات مليار جنيه في 2024 Oppo تؤكد على التزامها بالاستدامة عن طريق الارتقاء بالمنتجات والاسهام في تحقيق أهداف الممارسات البيئ... تحالف Red Collaboration .. يكسب الرهان للمره الثامنه علي التواليتحالف Red Collaboration .. يكسب الره... محمد سالم: التعاون مع "تريد لاين" نواة لجذب مزيد من العلامات التجارية الراقية للتواجد ضمن المشروع

Emtelak Development directs EGP 500m of new investments in projects at east Cairo during 2024

Emtelak Development intends to direct new investments worth EGP 500m into its projects in east Cairo region during the next year as part of its expansion plan, completing its projects and fulfilling its obligations to its clients.

Chairman of Emtelak Development Ramadan Hosny confirmed that the company is currently completing concrete and facade works in the Westin Park project. The company began its constructions during the current year, in addition to carrying out excavation work and laying the foundation stone for Zahya Business Park in Downtown area of New Cairo.

Hosny said that the company has a strong business precedent of constructing 45 residential buildings and a large number of villas in New Cairo and its suburbs.
He explained that the company has a huge customer base over the years of its work in real estate market, which made it market its projects with ease.

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He further noted that the company has an expansion plan through introducing new 20-acre residential project in New Cairo at Andalus area. In addition, a commercial and administrative project on Teseen Street at New Cairo, which will be announced later.
Hosny pointed out that real estate will remain a safe haven for savings in light of the high rates of inflation and the high price of the dollar and raw materials to preserve value of money, especially in light of the fluctuation of gold prices.

He disclosed that investing money in purchasing properties achieves large profits that exceed investment in any other field, as the prices of real estate continues to rise no matter how circumstances or events change.
Cheif Commercial Officer (CCO) Hisham Al-Fouly said that the company enjoys great demand from customers due to its credibility, customer confidence in it, and its commitment to delivering projects on

specified dates.
Al-Fouly explained that the company offers many sales offers through a variety of flexible payment systems that suit the requirements of all customers.
Last quarter of the current year is witnessing an increase in the volume of demand for purchases to benefit from offers provided by companies and facilities in payment systems, he added.
The company’s CCO concluded that the current stage is most suitable for buying and making profits due to expected hike in prices during the coming year.