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هيدر 02

Hesham Elfoly to be appointed Emtelak’s Chief Commercial Officer

Eng.Ramadan Hosny Emtelak Development Company Chairman, announced appointing Hesham Elfoly as Emtelak Chief Commercial Officer, among the company’s development plan as the company seeks to recruit a number of unprecedented competences and specialized experiences in various sectors, so that can align with the company’s upcoming vision and its expansion strategy in the Egyptian real estate market, besides launching new distinguished projects in East Cairo.

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Elfoly owns experience in real estate development field exceeds 15 years, as he is a founding member at “House of Bricks” company, and has many distinguished contributions concerning business
growth of a number of prominent companies which achieved great successes in the Egyptian market,recording a strong portfolio full of successes during his past working years, as he held a number of leading positions in major real estate development companies to be classified as one of the most qualified head of sales sectors in major companies, in addition to improving this experience via attending specialized and accredited courses, as he got a Master’s degree in investment and financial sciences from CCIM in America, a master degree in Business Administration from GUC, in addition to specialized courses in economic feasibility studies for projects, companies structuring and development, which qualified him to take over the position of head of the commercial sector in many major companies working in the Egyptian market, as “IHC”, “Sky Way”, “The Address”, “Sorouh”, “Cleopatra” and “Era”.

It is worth noting that Emtelak Company is the parent company for many companies in different fields, the most important of which is real estate development and investment, owned by Ramadan Hosny. As the company is present in the market since 2013, and managed to implement more than 49 projects in New Cairo varies between residential buildings, villas, and then shifted its investments towards the New Administrative Capital, and managed to sell 95% of its first project in the capital “Westin Park Business Complex”, and launched its second project “Zahya Business Complex” in the beginning of 2023, in addition to the opening of the company’s new branch in Emirates, besides it’s new project in New Cairo on the Northern 90th Street directly, in partnership with “Bottiga Development”, as the company is taking remarkably successful steps during the last period which benefits in widening it’s clients database for diversity in its projects and the scope of its investments.