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آخر الأخبار
انطلاق الدورة الثامنة من قمة "إيجيبت أوتوموتيف" السنوية للسيارات اليوم أڤيڤا تسلط الضوء على الدور الحيوي للرقمنة في تسريع تخفيض انبعاثات الكربون في القطاع الصناعي شركة «ابن سينا فارما» تشارك في قافلة التحالف الوطني التنموي لدعم الاشقاء في غزة باستثمارات 150 مليون جنيه.. اتفاقية لافتتاح فرع جديد لـ«سبينيس» بمول ايناواكس بالتجمع الخامس "موبيلاتي " تختتم مشاركتها في CairoICT 2023 بتكريم 50 فائز وسط حضور جماهيري منقطع النظير "نيو إيجيبت جولد" تستعرض أحدث تصميماتها بمعرض "نيبو" للذهب والمجوهرات في نسخته الثالثة «جولد إيرا» تخطط لافتتاح مصنعًا لإنتاج السبائك والمشغولات الذهبية باستثمارات مليار جنيه في 2024 Oppo تؤكد على التزامها بالاستدامة عن طريق الارتقاء بالمنتجات والاسهام في تحقيق أهداف الممارسات البيئ... تحالف Red Collaboration .. يكسب الرهان للمره الثامنه علي التواليتحالف Red Collaboration .. يكسب الره... محمد سالم: التعاون مع "تريد لاين" نواة لجذب مزيد من العلامات التجارية الراقية للتواجد ضمن المشروع

Jumia Egypt Kicks Off 10th Annual Black Friday Season with Unprecedented Discounts

– Abdellatif Olama: Jumia provides a unique and secure shopping experience for its customers
– Black Friday offers are the biggest ever and are awaited annually by customers
– Jumia launches “Get your house ready” campaign for LE4800 and a one-year monthly premium
Black Friday allows customers to benefit from free through Jumia Express –
Cairo, (Egypt): November, 2023 – Jumia Egypt, the country’s leading e-commerce platform, is proud to announce the launch of its 10th consecutive Black Friday season, set to run from November 3rd to November 30th, 2023. This year, under the theme “Black Friday Every Day,” cshippingustomers can look forward to unparalleled discounts of up to 75% on fashion items for men, women, and children, up to 70% on health and beauty products, and up to 50% on supermarket goods. In addition, Jumia is introducing a special “Get Your House Ready” campaign, allowing customers to equip their homes with home appliances and electronic products for just LE4800 per month over 12 months.
During the Black Friday season, Jumia is partnering with leading brands such as LG, Defacto, Andora, Arma, and others to provide customers with a vast array of products at unbeatable prices. These exclusive offers and significant discounts aim to make high-quality products more accessible to consumers.
As part of its commitment to supporting locally made products through the “Made in Egypt” initiative, Jumia encourages customers to purchase locally sourced goods, thereby promoting the invaluable contributions of artisans and small and medium-sized enterprises to the national economy.
For the tenth consecutive year, Jumia customers can enjoy free shipping on their purchases through Jumia Express, leveraging Jumia’s renowned logistics services available throughout Egypt.
In a bid to facilitate affordable shopping, JumiaPay, in partnership with several banks, e-wallets, and payment systems, is offering interest-free installment plans lasting from 6 to 18 months through NBE, Banque Misr, aiBANK, QNB, and AMAN. This initiative enhances the convenience and accessibility of shopping for Jumia customers.
This is in addition to the possibility of installments through ALEXBANK, HSBC, AttijariWafa, Mashreq, FABMisr, Ahli United Bank and ValU.

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The Black Friday campaign encompasses a wide range of product categories, including fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, mobiles and accessories, home and household appliances, televisions, electronics, sports equipment, auto accessories, and home care products.
Abdellatif Olama, CEO of Jumia Egypt, expressed his enthusiasm for the 10th edition of the Black Friday campaign, stating, “Jumia’s commitment to this significant event underscores our campaign’s success and the confidence we have in our approach towards the Egyptian market. We are dedicated to providing a unique shopping experience through our successful partnerships with renowned brands, enabling sellers to reach a broader audience via our e-commerce platform and strategic collaborations.” Olama emphasized that November has become a special month for many eager shoppers looking for discounted prices, aligning with Jumia’s ambitious vision for the Egyptian market.
Black Friday is a golden opportunity for cost-conscious consumers seeking competitive prices and a secure online shopping experience. Jumia is committed to offering the best deals, including postpaid options for select products, flash sales, daily offers, instant discounts, one-day specials, cashback incentives, and engaging competitions and games like the “Wheel of Fortune,” where participants can win various prizes, vouchers, and exclusive WoW deals.